Korean singer Boni releases her MV for It Hurts!

I haven’t heard anything like this from Korea before, so it was very refreshing when I first listened to it. It Hurts has a real R&B/Soul feel, and maybe I just never found it, but I had yet to listen to a Korean artist that sung Soul music so thoroughly. Not only is Boni‘s voice a perfect match for the genre, but the instrumental fits too.

The music video shows the life of a women before and after a traumatic accident has happened to her lover, and how it’s changed who she is entirely. The actors within it play their roles with extreme seriousness and completely get into character; I was amazed at their control of emotion. I think what hit me the most was Boni. Her singing talent aside, you can tell this song has deep meaning for her. It was taking her back to a place that really did cause her pain, and her tears within the music video are proof of that. I find it to be the most touching when an artist really does relate, and completely gets into their music.

(Source: rhythmer)