Shanghai-based duo “Pairs” is Noise Rock to a tee

Drummer/vocalist Xiao Zhong and guitarist F will be the first to tell you their music is crap. They’re constantly?sh*t talking?their stuff, labeling their creations as trash and nothing worth mentioning. They even give their music out for free. Despite what Pairs think about themselves they still have a pretty decent following, with groups of people coming out to see them perform and thoroughly enjoying their tunes. I like their music, really like it actually, but it’s not for everyone. Pairs creates a subgenre of Rock called Noise, and it’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like.?Blaring?guitar with pounding drum?accompaniment, and Xiao Zhong’s rough, almost painful-sounding vocals fit perfectly. It’s the wild and unrestrained freedom that their stuff represents that I love so much, the chaotic, “I don’t give a f***” attitude it exudes. It kind of personifies everyone’s hidden desire to just go crazy and say the hell with rules- just doing what you want, no matter how reckless it may be. Our world prevents these kind of things from happening, (which admittedly is for the best) but through music like Pairs’ we kind of get to live out that dream- a dream dreamt up from that rebellious and youthful spirit inside of us that I don’t think’ll ever die.

I can’t help but laugh when I notice music makes me feel this way from a band that considers themeselves garbage. Still, it’s the truth, and no matter how trashy Pairs may think their stuff is I know they appreciate the fans’ support. Check below for a few tunes and links to their social networks.

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Bandcamp (FREE downloads): pairs.bandcamp

(Photo Credit: TimeOutShanghai)