Korean singer “IU” releases her first movie clip to promote her comeback single ‘PEACH’

Gah, IU‘s my favorite solo Korean artist and these are the little things that prove why. Following her teaser for PEACH comes the first movie clip leading up to the single’s May 11th release, and it’s chuck full of cute and candid IU-ness. It’s literally just IU playing a recorder, the instrument we all had in elementary school, and giggling at her mess ups. I’m so ready for this comeback. Read the official statement from LOEN Entertainment regarding PEACH and her new album, Spring of a Twenty Year Old, below. This girl’s perfect~

IU, as she celebrates her twentieth spring, is coming to her fans with a love song filled with spring fragrance.

IU is releasing her song “Peach”, which she wrote herself, prior to the release of her new album [Spring of a Twenty Year Old] on the 11th. As the third song that she has written “Peach” has a loveable feeling completely different from the dark sounds revealing deep internal emotions in her previous songs, including “Hold my hand” and “A lost puppy”. Acoustic sounds represent the excitement of a love just about to begin, portraying IU’s fresh and girly emotions. The song was named “Peach” after IU’s favorite fruit and word — a nickname she wants to give to her lover to deliver the vibe she gets when pronouncing the word.

The lyrics, portraying the loving emotions felt just by looking at one’s lover, combine with the calm yet sweet melody, getting us excited as though IU were confessing her love to us. The recorder and triangle sounds, performed by IU herself, add to the girly sentiments of the song.

The month of May is the time to indulge in IU’s loveliness as she makes her come back with a new single and the short music film “Spring of a Twenty Year Old”.

Movie Clip #1

MV Teaser

(Source: LOENENT)