YG Entertainment are starting their global auditions. Anyone trying out?

If I was a performer it’d be a close tie between auditioning for YG or?JYP. Both are pretty amazing agencies with a lot of great things happening behind the scenes. YG, as we all know, really devotes time to producing quality content and artists. They don’t have many performers on their roster ensuring quality time is spent on those they do have, and?BIGBANG, 2NE1 and SE7EN are undoubtedly some of the biggest and most successful names in Kpop. Not gonna lie it’d be cool if some of you got picked up by these guys, so if performing is your thing and you want a go at it, check out the video and info below for where you can audition in your area.

For some reason YG left out South America, which is unfortunate. It’s kind of disappointing when a supposed global audition isn’t really global. Don’t be discouraged though, there’s always next time. Never give up on your dreams- Where there’s a will, there’s a way!


Date & Place

2012. 06. 16. London, UK – Korean Cultural Centre
2012. 06. 23. Berlin, Germany – Koreanisches Kulturzentrum
2012. 07. 07. New York, US – Double Tree By Hilton Hotel Fort Lee
2012. 07. 11. Toronto, Canada – Dosan Hall Gallery
2012. 07. 14. Seattle, US – Korean American Broadcasting Hall
2012. 07. 21. Los Angeles, US – Korean Cultural Center
2012. 08. 24. Tokyo, Japan
2012. 08. 26. Osaka, Japan


Anyone age between 11~19

How To Apply

Download the application form @?http://www.yg-audition.com/
send to euro@ygmail.net (Europe) / uscanada@ygmail.net (US, Canada)

Details of YG Japan Audition will be announced soon.
Check out Audition Information @?http://www.yg-audition.com/

(Source: YGEntertainment)