New registration has begun for all those wanting to become an official BLACKJACK!

Here’s your reminder if you haven’t signed up already! 2NE1‘s official fanclub BLACKJACK are taking applications once again, and you have until the 25th of May to get them in. It’s not first-come first-served, so don’t worry if you’re applying way after the start date (May 9th). Look below for details on how to sign up from YG Entertainment. Have fun!

[Notice] 2NE1 OFFICIAL BLACK JACK 3rd Batch Registration Notice!!

(For?Under-14,?14 & above?and all the?foreign residents in Korea)

Hello, this is YG FAMILY FANCLUB?s?representative.
We are welcoming 2012?2NE1 OFFICIAL BLACK JACK 3rd batch to the family!

Sign up as the 3rd batch and be the BLACK JACK with 2NE1 this year!

Especially calling for those fans that missed the 2nd Batch sign-up, it is your time to be in action!

We are looking for those who love 2NE1,?want to enjoy 2NE1?s music together and

make special memories with 2NE1 as?BLACK JACK 3rd batch!!

So, what are you waiting for? Register to 2NE1 BLACK JACK 3rd batch and

get those special benefits prepared for you!

BLACK JACK 3rd Batch Registration Announcement

-?Registration Period: 9th May 2012 (Evening) ~ 25th May 2012

-?Eligibility: Among the fans who love 2NE1, Korean or foreign residents in Korea with Alien

Registration Card (In the case of under the age of 14 and foreign residents in Korea, they have

to send their birth certificate/documents via email during the pre-registration period).

-?Registration Fee: 25,000 Won (After submitting the application form, personal virtual account

number will be issued for the payment).

* Personal virtual account is a separate and temporary account for you to make the payment. It is issued in MY PAGE and everyone receives a different number. You will be unable to register if you make the payment through different account number or another person?s virtual account.

-?Activity Period: 1 year from the last day of registration date. (Activity duration might change or

extended according to 2NE1?s album schedule and other various circumstances).

BLACK JACK 3rd Batch Registration Process (More details available on 9th May 2012)

Brief notice about the procedure is as below. More details will be updated on 9th May when the BLACK JACK ZONE registration page is open.

Enter BLACK JACK ZONE -> select under-14 /?14 & above?/?foreign residents in Korea -> confirm personal details or pre-register the documents -> fill in application form -> deposit payment -> registration complete

* For ?Under-14? and ?foreign residents in Korea?, only those who have pre-registered with their personal documents are able to fill in the application form.

BLACK JACK 3rd Batch Member Benefits

-??2NE1 OFFICIAL BLACKJACK?membership card issued to all!

-??2NE1?BLACK JACK?official GOODS GIFT BOX which 2NE1 members participated in designing.

-??Upgraded goods and gift box with 2NE1 member?s designs.

-??Participation of OFFICIAL BLACK JACK?events?(special?fan meetings, 2NE1 events etc.)

-??OFFICIAL BLACK JACK?events for?members

(2NE1?and?BLACK JACK?events,?membership?participation?events etc.)

-??Priority given to participate in broadcasting?programs.

-??Pre-selling tickets?for?2NE1?concerts?and YG Family?concerts.

-??Access to BLACK JACK ZONE which is only available for fan club?members.

-??Newsletter emails and SMS services.

BLACK JACK 3rd Batch Registration Notice

-??Please sign-up?with your?personal information. You will not be able to access and will not

receive any member benefits if you register with another person?s information.

-??For ?Under-14? and ?foreign residents in Korea?, pre-registration with their personal documents

must be submitted in order to fill in the application form.

-??All members?need to make the entire registration?fee (25,000 Won)?within 7 days after?applying.

-??Shipping of the fan club?card and?the?GIFT BOX?will be noticed separately after the registration period.

-??Fan club?card and the GIFT BOX?are only provided to the fan club members. It is not for sale and

it is?not?transferable.??If found or?caught for above actions, there will not be any more membership benefits and?will not be able to sign up in all the YG Family fan sites.

-??Once the registration in completed (payment deposited), refund or cancelation of registration

may not be allowed.

-??Fan club?zone?will only be?opened?after the registration period ends. Details will be announced later.

BLACK JACK 3rd Batch Registration Inquiry

We do not accept?telephone?inquiries.

All inquiries?regarding?subscription-based?BLACK JACK 3rd batch shall be made via?email.
Please read all the notices before inquiring about the registration.

Questions that have been answered in the notices will not be replied.

Email address:

All the inquiry email has to follow the format below:

-??Subject: [BLACK JACK 3rd Batch] ?Insert your problem? / eg. ?I have lost my password?

*Please state your inquiry in your subject as specific as possible

-??Information needed in your email: Name / DOB / your email address (ID) upon registration / your questions or inquires

BLACKJACK ZONE sign-up?page?will open?in the evening?of?May 9!
It is NOT a first-come first-served basis, so you have the time till?the application period end?on 25th May. The?application?will available?at any time within the period.

For more details, visit the site again on?Wednesday,?9 May 2012.

Click to sign up! ->?BLACK JACK ZONE

Thank you!

(Source: 2NE1)