FarEastVibes.com celebrates its 1 year anniversary today!

One year ago FarEastVibes was created, something that Raphael (Raph09) and I (Phillip) have been dedicated too tirelessly. Starting a blogsite and doing something this major was completely new to us,?but we decided to just go for it. One year later we’re here to thank you all for sticking with us and helping us to stay motivated. Watching FarEastVibes gain more readers is one of the best feelings, and it’s all because of you guys.

We started FarEastVibes because we wanted to talk about music. We’re passionate about mainstream and indie Asian music around the?continent, and we simply wanted to share and promote these artists in a very easy going, yet effective way. It’s the reason why our write-ups and reviews are so opinionated and informal – we want to maintain a very chill and friendly environment here, kind of like talking about a favorite song to your best friend. A lot of other sites simply report on new releases, but FarEastVibes isn’t so stuffy.?We’re always trying to think of new features to bring to the site, and we hope you’re enjoying some of our latest ones like the “Shedding Light on Chinese Subculture” spotlight and the new “Shows” tab we’ve rolled out. Please don’t be a stranger! If there’s anything you want to see let us know! 😀

What started off as a simple, personal blog on Tumblr has grown and developed into something much bigger, and we’re extremely appreciative of the support we’ve been receiving thus far. If you want something, go for it. Nothing holds you back but yourself, and you can?achieve your dreams?with just a little bit of effort. FarEastVibes is still very young, but we’re excited to see how the site develops with the help of all of you.

Thank you all so much!!! Words really can’t express our gratitude!!!!

Best Wishes and Keep Dreaming~

The FarEastVibes Team