Southern Chinese band “48V”

48V is a band that creates gentle and vivacious music with an ability to soothe. Guaranteed?that when listened to, 48V’s music will fill your mind with calming and beautiful landscapes- it tells a story. It’s the perfect remedy. Everyone has those moments where they may not be in the highest of spirits, but a listen to only a few of 48V’s tracks help us to reestablish a peace of mind. Their music is that powerful. Check below for a few songs and a video performance from 48V.

Tiger Wong Falls from the Window is one of my favorites from their South II album

I love Dragon Tongue Squad‘s opening

Dragon Tongue Squad performed live

It was hard to choose only a few songs to share with you all as they’re all very, very good. I strongly recommend checking out the rest of South II as well as 48V’s other releases.


Their label, 1724 Records‘, Bandcamp: Here

Buy 48V’s latest album South II on iTunes Here