“2NE1” releases highly entertaining practice video of ‘I LOVE YOU’

Let’s do a break down of every member, shall we? I love Dara‘s new hair! It gives her a sexy edge to compliment her cute personality. I’m hoping she keeps it for a while, but something tells me it won’t last long. Minzy, of course, is killing the choreography! I’ve come to expect nothing less from her. Park Bom has never been much of a dancer, but she held her own here. To be honest, Bom could probably just stand there and dish out some killer vocals and I’d be happy. And lastly, CL. DAMN. If her energy in this video doesn’t prove how perfect a leader she makes, then I don’t know what will. Her singing’s on point, her dancing is top?notch- everything?about her is star quality. Love love love that girl. I liked this practice video more than the official MV- It’s that good to me! Check it out below.

(Source: 2NE1)