Shanghai-based duo “AM444” release ‘Lies’ from their vinyl project featuring San Francisco-based band “Tussle”

Got daaaaaaaaamn I’m loving this. Jay.Soul. and ChaCha were destined to come together to create music- you can feel their connection. Lies is one of the tracks on AM444‘s newest vinyl release,?AM444 vs Tussle – Split Ends 12″. AM444 collaborated with popular San Francisco-based electro/rock band Tussle in an effort to unite the West and East musically. One side features two tracks from Tussle (Eye Context and?Croatoa) and the other two from AM444 (Lies and Jing Mi de Hu Po). This project is a testament to China’s steadily growing influence in the Western music industries, and vice versa. For more info, click Here

Enjoy Lies below. It’s the sexiest trip I’ve ever been on.

You can check out Eye Context from Tussle below, too.

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