Japan-based rappers “CRAZY-T and SPENCE” release ‘Chinko’. Beat produced by EVISBEATS!

The minute I saw EVISBEATS produced this I knew exactly what to expect, and CRAZY-T and SPENCE kept up! I really like the East meets West collaboration they got going on in this. You have CRAZY-T and SPENCE rapping in English, and ChinzaDOPENESS spitting in Japanese with a Japanese producer on the beat. This whole project is cool. It’s the future. Check out Chinko (lol, that name)?after the break.

Be on the lookout for CRAZY-T and SPENCE‘s EP 2 Year Old Kicks releasing September 19th! It’s free!


Twitter: @iamcrazyt, @spenceisgood, @evisbeats24

(Source: three11creatures)