New dance group “24K” release their first teaser. Interesting, indeed.

24K is a new group by Choeun Entertainment that’ll focus primarily on dancing. The members included in the group are?Cory, Seok-June, Byung-Ho, Sung-Oh, Ki-su and?Dae-Il, in that order, as per their Facebook page. Now what’s so interesting is the actual teaser. I’m liking the mask he’s wearing, it’s spooky in a really cool way, but the choreography looks… basic. I know this is their first teaser and we’re bound to get some awesome dance moves soon, but all I see now are mostly arms flailing around. There are a few moments where Cory (at least I think that’s who’s starring in this teaser) does some pretty cool stuff which proves that we’re gonna get something dope, but the majority of the teaser is just a broken down interpretation of Krump. There is definite potential here, though. Check out 24K’s first teaser below.

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(Source: Choeun Enter and allkpop)