Taiwanese singer “Jolin Tsai” releases the full MV to ‘The Great Artist’ from new album “MUSE”

This may be the best Mandopop release I’ve seen, no exaggeration. The amount of time and money put into this will be worth the investment, and Jolin is definitely pulling her weight to keep up with all of the efforts. I’ve never seen her perform like this before, all that spunk and attitude, but it’s a side of her I hope to see much more of. The whole futuristic steampunk concept is really creative- whoever came up with it deserves a round of applause! Come to think of it The Great Artist is one of the best MVs I’ve watched, Taiwanese or not.

P.S. Jolin is keeping up with that choreography like it’s nothing. I’m excited for this album!

Dance Version:

(Source: jolintsai)