Chinese/Korean singer MINA has released the music video to new song Toy Boy!

MINA is back with a new MV, one of which features sexy clothing and a badass female rapper.

MINA has become very popular in China, but has returned to Korea for her new song Toy Boy. It’s a song that I think some people will like, and others not so much. I’ve already been reading comments on how little clothing she has on, so that could be a determining factor as to how well the song and MV is received.

To clear up any confusion, this isn’t a group. MINA (the one with the ponytail and wearing the black strap outfit) is the only member. The short haired blonde women is a rapper named Nikita featured in the song (love her voice), and the long haired blonde women I’m pretty sure is MINA wearing a wig.

(Source: TonyKPOPMV)