Korean-American rapper Mike B releases the music video to his new song Roll Credits!

This is why bringing attention to independent artists is such a passion of mine.? Mike B possesses an inner strength that guides him down the road to success, clearly showing him his future and what he’s destined to become. He knows his dream is going to come true, failure is not an option, and Mike B expresses his passion for what he does through his rhymes.

I could feel Mike B’s energy as I listened to Roll Credits. I felt his sincerity and drive, and found myself moving to the flow of his raps and the melody of the instrumental. This is an artist who deserves the attention of many, for his words are truly uplifting.


Mike B’s mixtape Better Late Than Never drops July 22. Make sure to pre-order it at his Bandcamp and follow him on the following sites!

His bandcamp: whosmikeb.bandcamp.com

Facebook Fan Page: Facebook.com/whosmikeb

Twitter: @whos_mikeB

Youtube Channel: Youtube.com/WhosMikeB

(Source: WhosMikeB)