New girl group “FIESTAR” build anticipation for their debut with ‘Yezi and Cheska’ performance clips!

FIESTAR, LOEN Entertainment‘s newest girl group, are set to debut August 31st, and to build anticipation performance clips of two of the group’s members have been released.?Both can be seen rapping in English, and despite what many people are saying I like them. Cheska is fluent in English so her cover of Kreayshawn’s Gucci Gucci was pretty solid, but Yezi’s cover of Lil Mama was difficult to understand due to her accent. It really didn’t prove to be a problem for me though as I was more listening to her rapping style and paying attention to her delivery, both being really impressive. Out of the two Yezi is the more natural rapper. Most likely we’ll get more of these clips showing the other members until their debut, and I’m looking forward to them. LOEN has a good roster of artists so I’m expecting big things from FIESTAR.



(Source: LOENENT)