Taiwanese band “NO MONEY NO HONEY” have a few shows coming up, but let me introduce you first!

Do not fret, although the entire first video is in Mandarin your humble host (me) is here to provide you with all the info you need about the following band. NO MONEY NO HONEY have 3 shows coming up which they explain in the video, but I really just wanted to share it with you all so you can get to know who these girls are. They have no shame in their penguin mask game as they goof around in Osaka, Japan- these girls (and dudes, which aren’t in this video) would be a crazy bunch to kick it with!

Background song is What the Frank by NO MONEY NO HONEY

Now that you have an idea of how fun and spunky the band is, check out the second video which is an actual performance of theirs. Their music is just like their personalities- spontaneous, young and free! Definitely a band to keep on your radar as they define what it means to be in the moment and to have a good time.

NO MONEY NO HONEY performing Pick Up the Phone live at 2012 Spring Scream


Facebook: Facebook.com/NO.MONEY.NO.HONEY.BAND

YouTube Channel: Youtube.com/nomoneynohoneyband

Indievox: indievox.com/nomoneynohoney

Streetvoice: Here

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