Korean hip hop duo “Money Maker$” and Asian-American rap group “The Yellow Boyz” release their new single, Money Makers, produced by Kato

From the beat (Kato don’t play) to Money Maker$ and The Yellow Boyz killer raps, I found myself spamming the replay button. Seriously, even with the language barrier, if this was played on American radio I guarantee bodies would be moving. Money Makers has an East meets West type of swag, creating a track that ALL rap fans would love. I’m willing to bet money on it, and that’s saying something.

Follow Money Maker$, The Yellow Boyz, and Kato:

Twitter (Money Maker$): @MoneyMakersKR

Twitter (The Yellow Boy): @PassDa

Twitter (Kato): @KatoProducer

(Source: dynastymuzik)