Check out Chinese (Sichuan Nanchong-based)?emcee “A Nian”. She’s tougher than she looks!

A Nian is this dope as fuuu rapper I’ve been following for a while, but because I don’t know where to download her stuff to upload and share with you guys I’ve been putting off writing about her. I can’t anymore- this girl goes too hard! I’ll give you all a link so you can listen to her music directly on her Douban. It’ll be worth it!

A Nian spits entirely in Mandarin to beats that go from sounding Waka?Flocka inspired to old school Biggie. Do not let the adorable looks fool you! Click Here to go directly to her Douban page. Then scroll down and click any song. Enjoy, Rap fans!

(Photo Credit: ANianDouban)