Taiwanese singer “Show Luo” releases his new Japanese single, ‘RUNNER’

Now please don’t get me wrong, Show Luo has been doing big things, and doing them well, in Taiwan for years, but these recent Japanese singles have been much better than his Taiwanese stuff. Just my opinion. I give him TONS of credit for seeing the massive production talents Japan has, and more importantly taking those elements found in Japanese music and using them in his Taiwanese releases. Ima break it down briefly before getting into RUNNER.

Show Luo released his first Japanese single DANTE back in February, and that was AMAZING. Shortly after was when I realized he was paying attention, as his Taiwanese release Feel The Ai has a beat more closely related to Japanese production than any of his other Mandopop releases (at least the ones I can think off). Now we have RUNNER, another Jpop release that’s nothing but boss. Although I ?more enjoyed DANTE musically, RUNNER’s visuals are much better. I’m really enjoying Show’s Japanese stuff and my loyalty as a fan is growing deeper because of them. So happy to see him doing big things internationally- he’s motivational!

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