Japanese band “Sakanaction” release the full MV to their new single, ‘Yoru no Odoriko’

In the West mainstream Rock has been dwindling for the past few years. We’re left enjoying the classic tunes of decades past, with very few modern Rock bands making it beyond indie circuit status. Thankfully we have Japan, a country where new bands are constantly?emerging?and already existing ones continue to have thriving careers. Sakanaction‘s new release Yoru no Odoriko was stellar from beginning to end. Taking place at Mt. Fuji, the MV shows the members of Sakanaction performing alongside two?odoriko, female dancers, with flashing lights and many, many climatic moments. Sakanaction arranged this song wonderfully- each section is a build up to the main and most climatic part, completely filling the listener with massive energy. This 5 minute music video will go by fast, and you’ll soon find yourself clicking the replay button.

(Source: VictorMusicChannel & tokyohive)