Filipino-American singer AJ Rafael releases his music video for Without You!

Singer AJ Rafael has accumulated a large fan base through his touching song lyrics and vocals. Keeping with the trend of good music his new hit Without You is a song that gives hope to those suffering with cancer, and strength to the families trying to stay positive.

AJ’s lyrics are all about staying close to a loved one, spending time with them and ensuring their safety. He sings about giving that special someone courage when things might not go their way, and staying with them through any situation. The music video is beautifully directed as it makes you think about what the images mean, and by the end of the video you’re left with a deep understanding.

Here’s AJ explaining his personal experience, and inspiration for the music video.

My Godfather, “Kuya” Frank, passed away last October after a 4-year long battle with cancer and it struck a familiar feeling in my gut. My Dad passed away when I was 10 and the reailty of losing another father figure really hit me hard.

I wrote this song not about a death or losing someone to an illness, but about wanting to be with someone so bad that you couldn’t go another day without them– but this song spoke differently to my Kuya Frank’s wife Ate Rhea. She told me that she listened to this song as if it was Kuya Frank singing to her, fighting for her, and wanting to be there for her through all of this. Thus, the original concept for this video was born and it stuck in my head– and I pray that this video helps you realize that you are not alone in your struggle, whether it is you or a loved one going through it.

Don’t forget to let your loved ones know that you love them… We never know what tomorrow might bring.

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