miss A’s Min features in the new teaser for miss A’s new song Good Bye Baby

The girls of miss A have been making their fans wait patiently for their full-length comeback album. With exactly one week left until their album is launched on the 18th, we will see how much the girls have grown over the past year since their debut.

In the teaser, you can see a more mature Min slapping an unknown male across the face. As the hand lands on the man’s face, the music starts to build up slowly leading to the song. Though it’s very short, it’s enough to get fans going as the beat drops halfway through the video and reminds us of when we first anticipated their previous songs Bad Girl Good Girl and Breathe.

Will the song surpass the levels the previous songs had? Check the teaser below and a video of JYP himself revealing a small teaser of the song a few months ago through his me2day (song starts at 1:14 mark).


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