Korean singer “Boni” releases new track ‘You Got Me’. Free download!

Seriously, keep?Boni on your radar. Her voice was made for sexy R&B tracks like this, the type of songs that are for the most intimate moments. The original is actually by Korean singer 40 and is called Bravo; I’ll post that video below too so you all can hear it. Boni?made this track her own but also used some of the original lyrics, which I loved. Now I just want to see a Boni x 40 collabo- I think I’d pass out from all the sexy that release?would have. Check below for Boni’s You Got Me, 40’s Bravo, and the download links.

BoniYou Got Me (Download Here)

40Bravo (Download the single?Bad Bed Songs on iTunes?Here)

Follow Boni and 40:

Boni Twitter: @Boni_10

40 Twitter: @40Number

(Source: rhythmer)