“Redscale Studios” and Shanghai?s noise rock band “Pairs” team up for ?a new project!

Redscale Studios and Shanghai?s Pairs are teaming up to help celebrate the launch of a new video production company and release a new 8 track recording.

Pairs recorded their 8 song release Grandparent in a tiny shack far out in the guts of Yangpu with L.A producer Manny Nieto ( of The Breeders, HEALTH, Mars Volta fame) and Redscale Studios have made a video clip for each song. On October 19th the first video for the first song from Grandparent, Gig of the Week, will be put online on redscalestudios.org, the Redscale YouTube page as well as Tudou. For seven days after that, Redscale will be unveiling a new video clip each day.

A very limited 80 copies of the Grandparent USB will be available for purchase and will feature the 8 tracks, all the video clips, demos and other goods.

On October 19th, as well as launching the first video, Redscale Studios will be throwing a party /exhibition at 390 from 7:00pm until around 9:00pm, so you can still slink off to Dada or Sichuan Citizen or wherever the cool kids go. The videos will start screening just after 8pm but the Acid Pony Rats will be pushing sounds through speakers before then so it isn?t all uncomfortably quiet.

Check out some of Pairs’ older stuff below, and click Here for our feature on them.

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