“Gain” releases the teaser to solo track ‘TinkerBell’

As my favorite Brown Eyed Girls member I had to write about this, but to be perfectly honest I didn’t even know that was her. If it wasn’t for the name in the title I would have no idea the women in this teaser was Gain– she looks completely different. It’s amazing how lighter makeup and hair color can change someone so drastically, but she hasn’t lost that sexiness. Damn sure hasn’t. I love the alter ego?Tinkerbell?concept, and I love how Gain is singing to fit both the dark and light personas. Plus she’s acting. Look at those movements in relation to the flow of the vocals and instrumental. There’s a reason why Gain is my favorite, with this proving why. She’s the full package. October 5th, I’m ready.

(Source: LOENENT)