Korean singer Ju Heon releases the music video to his new song She’s My Girl featuring Mi Poong!

Those who follow SE7EN on Twitter are well aware of Ju Heon and his newest song She’s My Girl as he tweeted about the MV teaser. Ju Heon may be a new singer, but with friends like SE7EN backing him up he’s sure to reach stardom in record time!

She’s My Girl is a catchy Kpop track that has Ju Heon running around town showcasing his love for his girl by plastering love-posters everywhere. It’s a sweet MV and totally what you’d expect from a cute Kpop song.

She’s My Girl is upbeat, and has lyrics that I think every girl would love. Definitely keep your eyes out for Ju Heon in the near future!


(Source: AsianDream2013)