“MR.MR” debut with?’Who’s That Girl’

I’m not a huge fan of the instrumental, but the production is completely out of the guy’s control. The members on the other hand have huge potential and seem to have all the makings of a top boy group. Their vocals are on par and so are their looks and styling, we just need a better beat and choreo. It’s also worth mentioning that the video you’ll see below is the clean version, making me wonder what could possibly be in the explicit version. Glimpses of the guys shirtless can be seen but that’s not explicit, especially when you have dudes like Bi Rain grinding all over the place in MVs and on stage. Maybe these new censor laws have changed things so much so that even topless males are taboo, and that’s more than a bit ridiculous. Back on point, MR.MR are a good group, they just need a few tweaks in areas they can’t help. As you’re watching Who’s That Girl imagine a beat made by a top?notch?producer with these guys on the track. They totally fit in with everyone else who’s out right now. But some of you may actually like the song as is, and that’s cool too! Check it below.


(Source: AsianDreamVOD)