New Korean girl group “FIESTAR” release the full MV to ‘Vista’

FIESTAR are going to be successful, no doubt. Their vocals are great, their dancing skills are impressive, and they possess the perfect combo of cute/edgy members. As I’ve stated in every FIESTAR post so far, I’m loving Yezi. I wish they would have given her a bigger part in Vista, but it’s all good. LOEN knows they have a bomb rapper, and they’re going to take advantage of that in future releases (like they did in Wicked with Tiger JK). A decent amount of money was invested in this music video, but it still managed to come off as comfortable which I really enjoyed. It’s just a great debut all around. Check out FIESTAR’s Vista below.

Let’s FIESTAR! The new girl group FIESTAR finally making their debut.

FIESTAR received much attention from fans for being the first girl group of Loen Entertainment, home to Korea’s top female artists including IU, Gain, SunnyHill, and Jia. As a combination of “Fiesta” and “Star”, the name of the group “FIESTA” contains their determination to be a K-pop “STAR” that delivers passion and enjoyment to the public with music that is fun and full of energy just like the Spanish word for festival “FIESTA”.

The debut song “VISTA”, announcing FIESTAR’s beginning is a song that expresses their dynamic and active identity, enrapturing listeners with its original and magnificent sounds resembling a musical.

Moreover, FIESTAR’s version of “Sea of Moonlight” — the title song of the summer project album of Loen Entertainment’s creative label “LOEN TREE” — is included as yet another gift for fans.

(Source: LOENENT)