Taiwanese singer “Aaron Yan” releases full MV to ‘The Moment’

And let it be known that Taiwan wins the award for best music video, as they’ve mastered the art of mini-film. I don’t want the average lip synch MV anymore. I mean I know we’ll still get those, they’re standard, but these micro dramas add so much depth to the artist, their new single and album that It’s hard to go back to normal videos. If Aaron just released a standard MV for The Moment it wouldn’t have been nearly as powerful. The Moment is well made with a lot of attention given to story, concept, actors and?sentimentalism. The fan can empathize with Aaron and his struggles in deeper ways- it’s a beautiful thing. The same goes for Rainie Yang and her recent slew of MVs.

And if you’re going to make a standard video with just choreo and singing, make sure it’s something epic like Jolin Tsai‘s The Great Artist or?Joey Yung‘s Intensify. But Taiwan already knows this, because they’re doing it. Micro-film MVs+ really impressive standard MVs. Yeah, Taiwan wins that award hands down.

(Source: HIMservice)