HyunA releases ‘Ice Cream’ from new album “Melting”.

Ice Cream is the kind of song that grows on you. My first time listening to it I didn’t really like it, still kind of don’t, but by the end of the first play through I did find it more catchy. To be honest, I don’t think this song would be liked as much if it was sung by another singer. A lot of time is put into HyunA‘s image, and I think that’s the reason she has so many fans. Basically, HyunA is branded so well that people will like her stuff despite how it actually sounds. As far as the styling and visuals go this looks like some of YG’s recent stuff, if you know what I mean (maybe they felt inspired by the PSY feature). Actually, as I was watching this video I thought “I wonder how HyunA would be if she was signed to YG?”.

All in all Ice Cream is just alright, with the visuals being the highlight of the release. I haven’t heard the rest of her album, but I’m sure it’ll chart well.

(Source: 4minuteofficial)