“Girl’s Day” releases MV to new digital single ‘Don’t forget me’.

Don’t forget me is my favorite Girl’s Day release.?There was one part in the MV that ticked me off a bit, just because it was a wtf moment. The female lead slaps the MESS out of the guy, even though she clearly likes him, and then is all upset when he ignores her in the hallway. Lmao what? All you really had to do was lightly shove him or something. Better yet just say no. Oh silly school girls. Besides that, the video is nice and the song is even better. I think Don’t forget me is going to do well.

I liked the concept behind Don’t forget me too. A lot of cool elements.

This song has analog feelings to it which reminds us of a girl’s diary that might have been written in the 1990s. It has the fluttering feelings of first love and sadness of farewell. The digital sound works well with the side chain rhythm, and the analog melody and lyrics it makes the listeners think even more about their first love.

(Source: LOENENT)