Beijing’s Punk-Rock band “Demerit”. These guys are living legends.

Featuring Li Yang on vocals/bass, Zhang Ning on guitar and Du Shuai on drums, Demerit is?widely-recognized as one of the best punk bands in China. After forming in Qingdao in 2004 the band’s original incarnation soon migrated to Beijing, China’s music capital. There, Demerit quickly gained a reputation for blazing sets that mix the ferocious energy of street punk with the heavy guitar riffs of 1980’s metal.

In mid-2006 the band self-released their debut album Never Say Die, a record roundly praised for its DIY energy and raw electricity. It was this spark that drew the attention of Public Enemy bassist and producer Brian Hardgroove, who discovered Demerit on a trip to China and was so impressed that he returned in 2007 to produce their sophomore release. Bastards of the Nation came out early 2008 to critical acclaim from local and national publications. The summer of 2011 they hit the US for fifteen dates on the Vans Warped Tour, and are currently planning another US tour for Summer 2013.

It’s Demerit’s loud vocals, blaring guitar and raging spirit that we love so much. A band that pumps out unrestrained punk rock. Watch a live clip and jam out to some of their tracks below. Don’t forget to raise a fist and shout a good ol’ OI!

Performing at Mao Livehouse

Beijing Is Not My Home




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