Thai singer “Chin” releases ‘My Bad Habit”

I can’t help but mention G-JUNIOR every time?Chin releases?something?new. That group was like the first Thai band I ever got into. What ever happened to the rest of the members?

Chin Chinawut‘s new single My Bad Habit has Chin sticking to his gentlemen image, which is a good look for him. I had no idea he was this good at dancing, though. The choreography isn’t?overly?complex but he was still keeping up with no problem, and his footwork was on point. There was a lot of hair whipping in this MV but it all makes sense now. My Bad Habit?is endorsed by Pantene. I had an “HAH! Oh!” reaction when I saw the logo, because all the girls were flinging their hair around like there’s no tomorrow and I had NO idea why. Gotta admit it’s a great way to advertise. I don’t know why America doesn’t do this more often with their celebrities/products.

(Source: gmmgrammyofficial)