Korean girl group “SPICA” release full MV to ‘Lonely’

I just liked looking at SPICA in all the outfits~ The long slit skirt they had on looked really good with the choreography, and the overall concept of womanhood and sophistication works for these girls. It’s the mood of Lonely‘s MV that made the song enjoyable for me, but even if all the glamour was stripped away I’d still be impressed by their vocals. SPICA are a group where all the members have pipes, as opposed to several others that just have one or two main vocalists. That’s definitely their strong suit, the fact that they all have amazing vocal talent (although I feel it wasn’t showcased as well in this release). Any of these girls could go solo or do a sub unit thing and be good to go. Listen to Lonely from their 2nd mini album of the same name below.

Running non-stop! Meaning the number 1 out of the constellation, SPICA came back with their shining light and their second mini album [LONELY]/.

The title song LONELY is made the K-POP hit maker SWEETUNE who produced SPICA’s debut with Russian Roulette. They worked again with SPICA, to make a song that talk about a woman who goes to places that she and lover used to go to. It talks about how she is looking things in a different perspective, and about her loneliness.

(Source: LOENENT)