Korean girl group “D-UNIT” release full MV to ‘Luv Me’

So it’s official, tomboy hardasses are the new trend in Kpop girl groups and I luv it. D-UNIT are really young, but still manage to come across like they can kick your ass with no problem. They so cute with their little tattoo sleeves and stuff~ I should stop before they come and hunt me down with those spike bats- they mean business. But seriously, D-UNIT did a great job. The full MV made their badassery seem much more genuine than their teasers, and the song is awesome (especially the hook). I love how complex Korean and Japanese production is. So many layers to their instrumentals, and if you listen close and break everything down it’s seriously impressive. Check out D-UNIT’s Luv Me below.


(Source: DBusinessENT)