Korean duo “K.AFKA” are back with their new digital single ‘K.’. They’re still one of my favorite Korean bands

KAFKA have now become K.AFKA, a subtle but well thought out change that’s breathed new life into the band. The duo became fascinated with the meaning behind “K.”, the short and straightforward affirmative that’s said countless times around the globe.

Starting with the title track, K., K.AFKA explores a more Industrial sound reminding me of one of the top names in the genre Nine Inch Nails. This release is short but very sweet, and immediately shows the growth in K.AFKA’s style. It’s blaring and aggressive, showing the band’s determination to shout their message to the world until everyone’s listening.

Disappear Into Oblivion is a slow-paced song with a lot of empty space. I feel K.AFKA captured the essence of what oblivion is, a bottomless darkness without borders or restriction. Absence. Disappear Into Oblivion feels like your free-falling into a realm of warm and comforting darkness. It envelops you, and is nothing but accepting. The closest feeling I can compare this to is when you’re in bed, lights off and eyes closed, drifting off into a deep sleep. I find it fascinating how K.AFKA was able to convey this kind of emotion for the word oblivion, a term that I feel is mostly associated with negativity.

Dizzy Night is the climatic ending to the single, a Rock x Electro x Industrial blend. It’s the last display of K.AFKA’s revamped sound.

K. is K.AFKA matured. They have an even stronger grasp of who they are and what they want to create, their music reaching a higher level of connectability. Growth isn’t about one’s character completely changing, but more improving. That’s K.

K.AFKA performing ‘By The Sorrow’ on Oct 20th 2012, a track from the 2007 album “Nothingness”.


Their new digital single K. will be released soon so stay tuned for updates. In the meantime, check out some of their older releases Here.

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