Korean Electronic/Rock band “The UNITED93” releases the teaser to ‘Whiteholic’ from their “Yellow Fever” EP

I almost screamed like a fangirl. This teaser has made me so excited for the full release, but I can’t help but feel a little defeated. Their EP, Yellow Fever, is already out online (11/28/11 release), but with these indie artists it’s damn near impossible to find where their music is being sold. But enough about the problems of foreign music lovers and on to The UNITED93. Their teaser for Whiteholic shows the guys in a city and preparing for a show. It has that underground atmosphere as there’s tons of dim lighting and ‘street’ vibe to go around. If I get any leads as to where to download I’ll let you guys know. (@FarEastVibes)

Whoa that was fast! You can download the Yellow Fever digital EP at their bandcamp Here! Physical CD will be available in December.


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Twitter: TheUNITED93

(Source: krockisreal)