Is that even possible?

Orange Caramel and Nu’est unite to perform a Christmas song, although it feels more like Orange Caramel’s song than Nu’est’s. Still, it was cool to see the two groups working together and having fun while at it. Both did a nice job-props are given!

Orange Caramel has been receiving a lot of love with the special concept ‘Candy Culture’ and this time they worked with Nu’est and came back to us this winter to give us joy.

This album is part of a Happy Pledis album since year 2010, and the concept is ‘A Christmas where everyone can fall in love!’ Orange Caramel and Nu’est work together to show a person’s longing to confess his/her love. This winter, they will be able to attract people’s attention and make them fall in a dream where everyone can start a relationship.

(Source: LOENENT)