Jaejoong releases full MV to ‘MINE’ from 1st solo mini album

Well I’m pretty much blown away. I’ve always known Jaejoong to be someone who had this effortless cool about him, but for some reason it just now registered while watching MINE. Like damn… this guy is the definition of daebak. Whether the song is your style or not you can’t say he didn’t at least look good in this MV. During the parts where he was crouched in the snow he reminded me of old school Gackt, and I LOVED that. The whole song actually sounds like it could be a Jrock track- if this gets a Japanese version I think it’d do pretty well (I mean it’s Jaejoong singing it so of course it will). But yeah, MINE completely topped all my?expectations. Fantastic release all round!

(Source: CJESJYJ)