D-LITE aka Daesung releases short version MV to ‘ Utautai no Ballad’ Good luck in Japan!

I really hope Japan takes kindly to Daesung as a solo artist. BIGBANG as a whole does well there, so I know there’s some hardcore Daesung fans that’ll support this guy to the fullest! Utautai no Ballad is, well, a ballad song with very powerful vocals. I love Daesung’s voice control, his lows filling you with warmth and his highs lifting your spirits. The MV is beautiful, taking on a heavy winter theme as D-Lite sings about his love. Look out for his debut Japanese album D’scover on February 27th!

BIGBANG’s Daesung (D-Lite) will be making his solo Japanese debut in 2013!
His debut Japanese solo album ‘D’scover’ will be released on February 27. Also, Daesung will be holding his first solo concerts at Kobe’s World Memorial Hall from March 23 ~24 and the Tokyo Nippon Budokan from March 30~31.

Anyone in Japan going to his solo concerts are hella lucky.

(Source: BIGBANG)