m-flo release MV to new single ‘LOVER’

Maaaaaaaaan m-flo are so cool! Gah, to just shake their hands would be AMAZING. LOVER has a style we haven’t heard from m-flo in a while and it’s a total contrast to their SQUARE ONE album, but when I tell you it’s a great f*****g track I mean it. The video is awesome, and the singer is purposely being kept a secret. These are m-flo’s exact words via Google Translate “I can not answer all the questions about the vocalist. Please be forewarned.” She could be a new artist signed to VERBAL’s agency Kozm or maybe just a new singer m-flo is affiliated with, either way I’m really curious and excited for her.?I’m such a huge m-flo fan that any new release can have me ranting nonstop, so lemme force myself to end it here. LOVER is epic, m-flo is cool as hell and NEVEN is going to be a great album! Can. Not. WAIT!

(Source: mflo10yrs)