1/2 of Shanghai’s Pairs inerviews Xinjiu Wang, Birdstriking’s drummer

I’m just going to copy and paste the interview as is, but I’ll give a little background info first. Birdstriking is an ace band coming out of Beijing, it’s drummer Xinjiu Wang currently overseas studying.?Slinkrat interviewed him on his activities abroad and also on some great Birdstriking news which I’ll leave for you all to read on about. Enjoy.

TWO (maybe) EXCLUSIVES. Drummer likes eggplants and Beijing band Birdstriking returns.


There?s a saying in Melbourne,??if it?s good enough for Julian Wu, it?s good enough for you.? He loves Beijing?s?Birdstriking and has been making his own Birdstriking shirts which, as the saying goes, means it?s good enough for the likes of you.
Birdstriking?s drummer, Xinjiu Wang moved to the UK not all that long ago to have access to unblocked?Facebook and a bit of study. But mostly for the Facebook.


Had a quick chat with him to see how he?s going and to get what I?m calling an exclusive, Birdstriking are touring China in a couple of months.

How?s life in the UK? Where are you living exactly? What are you doing?

(Xinjiu Wang) Most of the time im really really good but not now. I?m stuck at some kind of stupid report?Life in the UK is ok but not as interesting as I thought?I?m living in Cardiff now the capital city of Wales. I?m doing a MSc project in OR research and stats.

Was there any culture shock when you first arrived? Are you missing Beijing?

(XJ) It did shock me about how bad the quality of life was for most of the chinese people I mean common people? they work so hard but only make a bit amount of money and the point is the price is almost the as its in the uk.
I am missing beijing sooooo much, the crowded subway, the poisonous air and dirty narrow little restaurant.

Are you playing any music there or seen any good shows?

(XJ)?I didnt find anyone whom I could share some cool music with which makes me really sad.
Oh I saw Peter Bassman?s solo show in November and my dream is to see all the members from Spacemen 3, seen 2 already.

Are you coming back at all? What?s happening with Birdstriking? I?m hearing whispers of you guys coming back in April, yeah?

(XJ)?I am going back very soon! 6 weeks to go! but its only the easter vacation. I will finishi my degree here around September.
And it?s not rumour!!!!! It?s as true as the fact that you guys are going to Vietnam or somewhere which makes me really really unhappy! We should have a show together!!!!! It?s been quite a while since last time we played together in yuyintang! more than 2 years!!!!!!

Actually, we are playing with you on April 3rd at YYT – we fly to Vietnam the next night.

are you serious!!!

Yeah, pretty sure we are. F emailed me about it.

(XJ)?thats really really good!!!!
and last thing to say is the aubergines here satisfy me!


(Source: slinkrat.tumblr.com)