Beijing-based band ’16 Minutes’ is featured in this episode of The Sound Stage

The Sound Stage is this really awesome web series that introduces some of China’s coolest bands to a worldwide audience (check out their interview with the Gar Here). In episode 30 they spotlight 16 Minutes, a band that?considers?themselves a fusion between Radiohead and blues. In the short interview a lot of ground is covered, and as much as I’d love to give my opinion on what was said I don’t want to give anything away. In closing this was a great watch and I really dig their message.

16 MINUTES is:

Sindy – Vocals
Robin – Guitar
Yeah – Bass
Hang – Drums

The song featured in this episode is called The Silent Bird.

What do you get if you were to marry Radiohead with the Blues? You’d get something as ethereal and sultry cool as 16 Minutes.

16 Minutes is one of the most original bands in Beijing. Part psychedelic (think Grace Slick), part blues, and part entirely their own, the haunting voice of Sindy paired with Robin’s shattering crystal guitar, and Hang and Yeah’s solid bass lines will move and groove you like nothing you’ve heard before in the Northern Capital. Special bonus: this music video has a sexy dancer!

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(Source: NorthernCapital)