TEEN TOP are back, and in Hong Kong!

1. From what I can hear I Wanna Love is gonna be smooth. I’m picturing a mature dance track with city vibes, if that makes sense.

2. The MV is shot in Hong Kong, awesome! Hong Kong streets make for some great locations, and the country has a lot of dope stuff that fits a young and hip image like TEEN TOP‘s.

3. I keep thinking about TEEN TOP’s name. I mean they’re continually showing off how much they’ve grown, which is good, but they won’t be teens forever. They’re slowly starting to shed that youthful image and become sophisticated young men. I don’t know know why this is such a big deal to me- I guess I just don’t want them to become pigeonholed, you know? I’m sure their management have all that figured out, though.

I Wanna Love is something to anticipate but honestly I’ve never NOT anticipated one of their releases, and based on the reactions of this teaser a lot of other people haven’t either. Excited!

(Source: TeenzOnTop)