B.A.P release full MV to comeback track ‘ONE SHOT’

You mean to tell me these are the same guys in Killing Camp? I can’t. It’s so funny seeing the kiddy, shy sides of B.A.P and then have them release hard as f**k releases like this. I love it.

B.A.P get all kinds of crunk and gangster in this video. Literally. Like they’re rocking bandanas and loading guns to handle some bizness. This group is going to have so much longevity and it’ll be interesting to see them mature, especially members like Zelo. My bias though is Bang. He’s like the textbook definition of badass (Himchan is second and now YOUNGJAE OMG!).

P.S. Trying my HARDEST to restrain from fanboying all up and through this post?because?this MV is RJIGNARIJNGISNH.

(Source: TSENT)