SHINee release short version MV to new?Japanese?single ‘Fire’

Well damn SHINee! You can’t tell me SM ain’t gangster with the marketing/promo! Their Korean comeback album Dream Girl: The Misconceptions of You was JUST released February 19th (Korean time), and the very next day EMI Music Japan uploads the short version MV to their new Japanese single! So we have two completely different projects being promoted at the same exact time in two different countries, which means double the money for the label. THIS is why I love the Asian music industry so much- their way of going about business is seriously dope and people need to take notes! Check out the MV to Fire below, a calm and touching pop/ballad that’s scheduled for release March 13th!

P.S. Who else is really enjoying watching these guys grow?! Taemin is singing beautifully now with much stronger vocals, and Minho is doing so well with his singing! It’s awesome to see their skills develop!

(Source: EMIMusicJapan)