Kim Tae Woo releases full MV to ‘Cosmic Girl’

I can’t be the only one slightly confused by the MV, but trying to figure out the concept is half the fun sometimes! What are the liquids in those small vials that the children have in the beginning, and who are those children supposed to represent (the cosmic girl and her love?)? I think the liquids are like a love potion, so if you drink them the “cosmic girl” will be attracted and then fall in love with you. It’s an?interesting?concept with very meaningful lyrics. Congrats on your comeback Kim Tae Woo, and thank you LOEN for the English subs!

EDIT: Wait, I just thought of something! Maybe the cosmic girl and her love met once before, like when they were kids, and she handed him the vial to drink before she left so they could find each other years later. After drinking it she’s able to find him again! What do you guys think?

(Source: LOENENT)