Something new from Girl’s Day!

Lemme start off by stating how hot Minah looks with that short black hair, damn! Expectation completely?rips away the cute, aegyo image of Girl’s Day and gives them a dark and super sexy one. Within ?seconds I fell madly in love with the instrumental for it’s classic (slightly old school even?) dance beat and the girl’s new bombshell styling. I know Jihae left the group to study but I really hope part of her decision to leave wasn’t because she was getting tired of always doing aegyo stuff, because this comeback could have been her time to shine. Overall Expectation gets an 8/10 from me. It’s not?something?I’d download or listen to frequently but I still really like it, mostly because it’s something totally new from the girls. My only complaint is that with such a powerful song and concept the choreography could have been better. I would have liked to see more strength and intensity in their dance steps with a release like this. What do you all think?

(Source: LOENENT)