The Sound Stage returns with episode 33, this time spotlighting Beijing band Streets Kill Strange Animals

Episode 33 of The Sound Stage gives some good background info of Beijing’s Streets Kill Strange Animals. These guys rock, and The Sound Stage is always enlightening. Better to let Jonathan and SKSA do the talking, check it below.

No other country like China understands the meaning of future shock, and no other band like Streets Kill Strange Animals are able to put it to electrified sounds and furious rhythms.

Imagine an ancient culture, thrust into the 21st century at a breakneck speed, with few directions or places to hold your ground. Streets Kill Strange Animals are a band that play music that sounds just like that. Fast, unrelenting, and bursting with emotion, their music and lyrics will show you an aching, searching side of China that you won’t normally see on the surface.


Leng Mei – Vocals//Guitar
Yang Dan – Bass
Qu Dawei – Drums

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(Source: NorthernCapital)