Asian-American R&B/Hip Hop group AZIATIX release full MV for Slippin’ Away!

AZIATIX have done it again! Ever since their debut they’ve released nothing but top knotch material, and AZIATIX’s full music video for Slippin’ Away does not fall below that standard. In a matter of months the boys and their producer managed to step up their game to an unimaginable level, creating something that I think will shock fans in the best of ways.

The MV for Slippin’ Away is phenomenal! Flowsik, Nicky Lee, and Eddie Shin all perform wonderfully, and I was extremely impressed with Eddie’s performance. Playing the main role Eddie Shin is mostly seen in an open field, reflecting on a past relationship. Flowsik, although hurting, keeps his cool calm and collected composure while Nicky Lee uses art as emotional thereapy.

Slippin’ Away’s visuals are superb, and Jae Chong (their producer)’s instrumental ties everything together flawlessly.

Look out for their new album release on July 28!

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(Source: AsianDream2013)